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24 June 2013 @ 02:12 pm
take care of my girlfriend (say no)  
pg | romance, college!au | oneshot | kaistal + taestal
jongin just broke up with soojung a week ago and now taemin asked for his permission to date her

based on beast's take care of my girlfriend (say no) | i modified the lyrics a bit | unbetead

Jongin played with his phone while waiting for Taemin. The older man had asked him to meet him at the library before their dance practice, telling him there were things that he wanted to talk about.

He texted Sehun, telling his best friend that he and Taemin would be late for their dance practice. Jongin sighed. Taemin was still not there. He had been waiting for fifteen minutes. Yixing and Sehun would be mad at him if they were late for more than thirty minutes.

Jongin almost fell asleep before he heard the approaching footsteps. He was about to yell at Taemin for making him wait for so long – and late for his dance practice – but he stopped abruptly when he saw another person with Taemin.

“Hey, Jongin.” Taemin greeted him. He walked to the table where Jongin was sitting at, tugging at the other person’s wrist to follow him.

Jongin was still silent until the two new people sat on the chairs in front of him. “Hey, Taemin.” Jongin turned his head. “Soojung.”

“Hello, Jongin.” Soojung replied. She didn’t look at his face though.

Jongin was trying hard to sit still. How could he though, when his best friend was sitting in front of him, with his ex-girlfriend?

“Uhm, I know it’s awkward for you both to meet.” Taemin broke the silence. He wasn’t stupid. He knew he was torturing them. They just broke up their two years relationship a week ago, after all.

Jongin finally looked up, staring at Taemin. He was not ready to face Soojung. Not when she was the one who asked to break up.

“It’s okay, Taem.” Jongin smiled a little, trying to lighten up the mood – but failed miserably since Soojung was still not looking at him either. “What is it that you want to talk about?” He asked. He was dying to get out of the library – to stay away from Soojung.

Taemin and Jongin met Soojung when she came to their dance studio. She was studying journalistic at their college and had to interview them for her assignment. She thought they were twins before and they had hit if off to be best friends after that.

They kept their friendship until a year later Jongin confessed to the girl and she accepted, saying that she liked him as well. They told the great news to Taemin. The latter had been shocked but happy for the couple nonetheless.

Taemin knew it was wrong of him. The couple was still avoiding each other after their break up. But Taemin was not going to lose his chance.

Taemin stared into Jongin’s eyes. Jongin was still amazed at how they looked alike each other so much. That was until Taemin uttered something that broke Jongin’s heart.

“I want to date Soojung.”

Jongin was frozen. Time seemed stop for him on that moment.

“I’ve been in love with her since we met her, when you two were together, and I still do. I will love her and take care of her even more in the future, maybe better than you.” Taemin muttered the last part but it still didn’t escape from Jongin’s ears.

Today my friend asked me if he could date you
Since I had broken up with you, he said he’d cherish you in my place.

“Taemin.” Soojung finally spoke. “I.. I don’t think I want to date you or anyone for a while.”

Jongin finally stared at them. His eyes met Soojung’s for a brief moment. He saw the hesitation in them.

“I will take care of you, Soojung. I promise you.” Taemin grabbed her hands, convincing her.

Soojung kept her silence once again. She looked at Jongin one more time before she looked down, clutching her hands from Taemin’s grip. She stared down at her hands on her laps.

“I’m sorry, Jongin.” Jongin didn’t even realize Taemin was talking to him. He was too busy looking at the pretty girl. His ex-girlfriend.

Jongin smiled lightly at Taemin. “That’s okay.” He relieved a sigh unconsciously. Taemin and Soojung were shocked with his statement.

“You don’t need to say sorry at all, Taem.” He patted the older man’s shoulder. Another sad smile pasted on his face. “Just… take care of her.” He locked his gaze with Soojung.

Jongin’s throat itched. He wanted to tell Soojung that he still loved him. He wanted to tell her that he couldn’t sleep at night because he kept looking at their pictures together that he saved in his phone. That he kept thinking of her during the class, daydreaming of her.

That’s okay
Get away
It’s okay, it’s not like we have anything to do with each other anymore
Stop saying sorry, my heart doesn’t hurt anymore
Please be a good boyfriend to her in place of me

I can’t get myself to say that I still can’t sleep at night because of her
With a forced smile I encourage him and sent him away
Oh girl

“I promise you, Jongin. I will take care of her. I will love and cherish Soojung just like you did. She deserves it.” Taemin finally smiled.

Jongin just kept smiling at Soojung and Taemin. Soojung’s eyes were unreadable. He didn’t know what she felt. But he had decided to send her away. She was the one who sent him away before, anyway.
Jongin stood up and slung his bag on his shoulder. “Well, I have a dance practice and I’m late for thirty minutes already.” He looked at the clock. “I gotta go now, Yixing and Sehun will yell at me.” He joked and Taemin laughed.

“Oh wait, you aren’t going to join us?” Jongin asked Taemin – the older man was a dancer, just like him . “No. I told Mr. Jung that I won’t be joining you guys today.” He stood up as well.

Soojung was still sitting on the chair. She looked up at Jongin and they locked their gazes once again. She stood up and Taemin held her hand despite her struggling not to. Jongin looked at the intertwined hands.

Jongin wanted to ask her. Didn’t she know that he still loved her? She said she didn’t want to be in a relationship earlier, would she date Taemin later? When Jongin left them, would they hug and kiss just like what he and Soojung did before?

He wanted to hear Soojung to say ‘No, Jongin. I won’t date anyone else besides you. Not Taemin, not anyone else. I love you.’

But it’s just a hopeless wish.

Oh can’t you see?
I’m still loving you
My heart still can’t seem to let you go

Say no! No!
Tell him ‘no’
Tell him that your heart is still waiting for me
Say no!

“Take care, yeah?” Jongin punched the older man lightly. He gulped. He stared into Soojung’s eyes. “Don’t bring her to the club, she hates the crowd and the loud music and she can’t drink. So don’t go to the club.”

Jongin relieved another sigh before he continued, “And don’t try smoking in front of her. She hates the smoke and it’ll make her cough continuously.”

Jongin walked away, leaving them. After a few steps, he stopped and turned. Again, he reminded Taemin not to repeat his mistakes. “Keep notes of dates on your cell phone. Give her surprises on her birthday or anniversary.”

Jongin looked at Taemin, “And Taem, don’t be too busy with your dance practice. I know the competition is near but spare your time for her.” Jongin remembered what he did. “Go on dates on weekend or watch movies with her on Friday night.” Jongin gulped. “She hates it when she is alone because you are not there to accompany her.”

Jongin wanted to make sure if Soojung would have another boyfriend, she would be in good hands. And Jongin was sure that Taemin was the one.

Even though the thought of them being together killed him.

Then Jongin turned and continued walking out of the library. He remembered that day, a week ago. Soojung had insisted to meet him despite her knowing that he had a dance practice on that day.

Jongin met her here, at this library. She told him she wanted to break up with him, saying that he had been too busy with his dance practice and had neglected her. He didn’t take her to cheap dinner dates anymore. He didn’t go her house on Friday night to watch movies with her and didn’t pick up her call because he was too tired from his practice.

Soojung tried to understand because she knew the upcoming competition was near but she had enough with him when he forgot their second anniversary that fell a week before their break up.

“She can’t drink a lot and she doesn’t like smoke
She hates being alone so always be with her
Always celebrate her birthday and anniversaries”
I don’t know why I’m telling him this

Jongin finally made it out of the library. He walked to the dance studio. He didn’t realize that he was crying until people stared at him weirdly. He continued walking with his head down.

He felt empty inside. He finally lost her. She was with another now.

Jongin laughed sadly. He wanted to turn back to the library. He wanted to tell Taemin that ‘No. I won’t let you to be with her. She is mine.’

But what’s done was done. He was Jongin. Jongin wouldn’t beg for his best friend not to date his ex-girlfriend. It wouldn’t be cool for him to do it. He laughed again, feeling the emptiness inside his heart.

I know I’m going to turn around and regret this but I still acted cool
I know I’m going to be upset behind my friend’s back and beg him not to

Jongin finally reached the dance studio. He wiped his tears streaked face, wiping the remaining tears away. He could hear the blazing music from inside. He could hear Mr. Jung yelling at his friends. But he just stood still.

He still couldn’t erase the thought of Taemin and Soojung together. He took a deep breath, trying to compose himself. He failed because when he closed his eyes, all he could see was Soojung laughing, Soojung smiling, Soojung pouting at him, Soojung sulking, Soojung sleeping on his shoulder, Soojung humming to the song they listened to, Soojung typing with her brows frowned, Soojung with her eyes closed while kissing him.

Oh can’t you see?
I’m still loving you
My heart still can’t seem to let you go

Say no! No!
Tell him ‘no’
Tell him that your heart is still waiting for me
Say no!

Jongin punched the wall hard enough because he could feel the blood on his knuckle. His shoulders shook, he was laughing himself. Laughing at how stupid he was. He had let go the perfect girl. He still loved her but she was not his anymore.

Say no, say you can’t
Say you will wait for me
Say no, say you can’t
Say you will wait for me

He wished he could turn back the time. He wished he could fix his mistake. He wished he hadn’t forgotten their second anniversary. He wished he had picked up her call.

He wished Taemin didn’t love her. He wished Soojung would refuse his best friend.

He wished for her to be his again.

I can’t get myself to say that I still can’t sleep at night because of her
With a forced smile I encourage him and sent him away
Oh girl

Oh can’t you see?
I’m still loving you
My heart still can’t seem to let you go

Say no! No!
Tell him ‘no’
Tell him that your heart is still waiting for me
Say no!


He tensed when he heard her voice. He chuckled. He was head over heels for Soojung. He actually just imagined her voice. He missed her so fucking much. A week without her presence finally took its toll today. When he witnessed Soojung was taken away by his best friend.


His head snapped up when he heard the voice calling him again. He finally dared himself to turn around.

And there she was, standing in front of him. Jongin could barely see the tears in her eyes. He wasn’t imagining this, right?

He was still frozen when Soojung walked to him and hugged him, tucking her head under his chin.

“Soojung?” Jongin finally found his voice. He wrapped his arms around her, didn’t want to let her go again. He felt Soojung nodding against his chest. “But .. What about Taemin?”

She pulled away but intertwined their hands. Jongin squeezed her hands and he could actually see her pouting. “You are an idiot. I could never accept him or anyone besides you.”

They just stared into each other’s eyes before Jongin realized it was his time to speak. “Yes, I was and I still am. I’m sorry. I’ve been in hell for a week since I don’t have you beside me.”

Jongin was nervous when Soojung just kept her silence but then he was ecstatic when he saw her mouth slowly tugging upwards, a smile bloomed on her face. That smile that took Jongin’s breath away since the first time he saw it and still did.

“I forgive you. But don’t you dare to forget our anniversary ever again, okay?” She flicked his forehead playfully. Jongin winced and rubbed on his forehead, “I won’t.”

Soojung hugged him again, snuggling at the space between his neck and shoulder. Jongin could hear her voice but didn’t get to hear what she was saying. “I’m sorry, what is it?”

She looked up and stared into Jongin’s dark eyes. “I’m sorry too. I should’ve understood that this competition is important for you. I should’ve helped you when you were tired.”

“Baby, it’s okay.” Jongin cupped her face. “I am forgiven and it’s not your fault. Let’s just forget this and we will try not to repeat the same mistake, okay?” He rubbed her soft cheeks.

“Okay.” Soojung smiled. “I love you, Kim Jongin.”

Jongin just grinned when he finally heard the three words.

“I love you too, Jung Soojung. So fucking much.”

She tiptoed a bit when Jongin leaned downwards. Their lips met and they saw the fireworks under their eyes. They both were smiling when they pulled away.

Jongin promised himself that he wouldn’t let her go again.

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